U Sports is a futuristic sports business company started in the year 2014. By this, we mean - as India marches into a new productive era and makes it presence felt as a major global player, achieves new found recognition, also establishing its presence as a major economy. At the same time we see the evolution of a growing Indian sports ecosystem. U Sports as a company aims to work with this ever evolving Indian sports ecosystem with the intent to positively influence the sports outcome in the country and later to the world. Therefore using this synergy of economy, growth and thereby development of sports. In the same breath the growth of a scalable sports company that is organically growing with the Indian Economy.

We work with talented athletes to achieve their maximum potential by providing them a platform to build and advance their career in their respective sporting disciplines. Sport in India continues to transform the way we live, persevere, learn, compete, enthral, inspire and entertain ourselves. With ‘U’ as the umbrella brand, representing our sports business, ‘U’ also stands for Unilazer, as much as it symbolises ‘you’ and ‘youth’.

The 4 independent lines on the left side of the letter ‘U’ are lines meant to imply ‘cutting edge’. Each of the four lines signify (a) dream; (b) faster; (c) higher and (d) stronger. The first line represents the dream of playing/being/performing a sport while the last 3 lines are part of the Olympic motto which is Citius, Altius and Fortius.

Our aim is to be among the best in crafting the present and building the future of sports in India with a two pronged approach where we focus on professional sports (pro-sports) and ground up developmental of a select few sport programmes. In pro- sports, we build Teams and Professional Sports IPs through focused youth programmes and integrated mass media collaborations. We lay equal emphasis on development of sports in our country and therefore a key element of our agenda is to recognise existing and emerging forms of sports in India; and offer a platform to encourage talent, provide a lifestyle and transforming young athletes aspirations into reality.

The Company is focused on it’s main sporting disciplines; Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Football, E Sports and Motorsports.

Various facets of U Sports area of expertise in the sports business are: building winning sports teams and identifying sports disciplines and building IP’s where in - programme planning and management, webcast and broadcast, marketing and promotion, strategic sports PR, athlete performance and management and deep seeded interventions to help elevate sports talent and positively influence the sports scenario in India.