U Cypher is the eSports IP developed at U Sports. U Cypher was primarily built as an idea of identifying and promoting eSports athletes, building new team, showcasing new eSports games/disciplines and at same time building the space of content and tournaments in India. The deeper endeavour was to create a platform for Indian eSports athletes to be recognized and build the eSports universe in India as the idea was initiated I the year 2016. U Cypher would lead the movement to make Indian eSports a global and cultural phenomenon.

The word ‘CYPHER’ in gaming terms refers to the action of decoding the opponent player’s code/playing style in a game, thereby giving him or her an edge to win the game. ‘U’ is part of the U Sports stable of projects. Therefore, the name ‘U CYPHER’. The masked face in the logo represents the eSports Athlete or Gamer. Every player who plays eSports adopts an avatar or a mask and then plays the game in this avatar. This avatar gives the players a feeling of being larger than life in the digital world and also gives him the confidence to be competitive in the eSports domain. The geometric lines and shapes in the mask stand for new age, computative and structural plays that make a player win the e-game. All the games and players have a deep hidden code and once cracked, helps the player become the winner.

The 4 independent lines on the left side of the letter ‘U’ are lines meant to imply cutting edge. Each of the four lines signify (a) dream; (b) faster; (c) higher and (d) stronger. The first line represents the dream of playing/being/performing a sport while the last 3 lines are part of the Olympic motto which is Citius, Altius and Fortius.

Season 1

U Cypher is a first of its kind, multi-platform, multi-game eSports championship which will have 6 teams, with 14 members in each team, battling it out for Season 1's total prize money of Rs. 51 lakhs. The battleground revolves around 4 games, namely Counter Strike GO and DOTA 2 on PC, Tekken 7 on PS4 and Real Cricket 2017 on mobile.

The team mix in Season 1 will be a draft of players from across the 4 games. U Cypher had the biggest names from the Indian eSports scene competing. All the players in the Draft had been meticulously picked from the Top E Sports Tournaments and teams from pan or across India. But, what’s unique about the draft process is that these team members may not necessarily play together at the time or moment but will now get drafted into different teams on the basis of an equitable point based drafting process.

The Gameplay

Each of the games will be shown as is on the digital platforms, i.e. U Cypher channels on youtube, youtube gaming, twitch, voot and usports.

The Episodes

On MTV it would be a daily 60 minute show with repeats the next day. Season 1 will comprise of 37 episodes. Each episode will have two teams face off on all the four games to gain league points. The final four will play knockouts to determine the winners.

The TV show is planned to be coupled with the high action and drama of the individual games itself, the show will aim to connect with audiences across genres, focus on the human element of the players, to provide a peek into the world of the game and broadly on eSports, promising to be a thrilling race to the finish line.

Season 2

It will include the games (in Mobile/ PC / Console games) that have a long term plan for India. We can be their game distribution/  publishers for India (possibly SEA) and the game developer would support in the marketing/ broadcast and content development plan of the game.