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Ravi Shetty
Ravi  Shetty
Playing Roll: Assistant Coach
Nationality: Indian
Born: 12 May 1960
Height: 180 cms
Weight: 81 kgs

At 57, one man from the U Mumba squad matches every training and exercise move step-by-step with boys who are less than half his age. Ravi Shetty, the face of the team’s debut in the Pro Kabaddi League, assists his senior colleague Bhaskaran E. in coaching, and never stops being hands-on.

Hailing from Karwar, Karnataka, Shetty had started playing professional cricket and hockey, but couldn't make inroads in the saturated environments. After landing a job in Defence, Shetty took up kabaddi and began participating in all-India tournaments. Then on, it’s just been a one-way street to success. After 18 years of experience with State teams at National levels, Shetty joined the NIS (National Institute of Sports) and even coached the national team of Malaysia.

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