Rules & Regulation


1.0 ENTRY:

1.1 Schools wishing to participate in the U Dream Inter-School Football Tournament must submit their entries with the requisite fees by the prescribed dates. Requests for late entry will not be entertained.

1.2 A school will be allowed to enter not more than two teams to the tournament.

2.0 Registration of Schools:

2.1 The team from a school cannot include more than 15 players per team.

2.2 This is a seven (7)-a-side tournament.

2.3 Any replacement or substitution of registered players will be allowed before the team plays its first match. No replacement will be allowed thereafter, even if it be a case of injury, sickness or any other cause.

2.4 Registration of schools must be completed at least ten clear days before the start of the respective tournament.

2.5 All students who are members of the school team are required to bring their original school id-card and a government-issued proof of age.

3.0 Team In-Charge:

3.1 An accredited Teacher, Coach or Teacher in-charge MUST be deputed by the school to accompany the team to the tournament. A team not accompanied by an accredited representative of the school will not be allowed to participate.

3.2 The Team in-charge is expected to be a good leader to the players under his charge and set a good example in sportsmanship.

3.3 Any teacher, Coach or Team-in-charge found abusing, causing physical harm or resorting to unfair tactics with regard to his team’s players or that of other teams is liable to be suspended, expelled for a period and/or fined. Further, such a person will not be allowed to represent his school in the tournament.

3.4 The Head of Schools will be held responsible for the behavior of their players/teacher/coaches, team-in- charge and their supporters and are advised to control them in the best possible manner. School Officials, spectators and parents found using foul or abusive language or creating problems will be removed from the venue.

4.0 Fixtures:

4.1 The Tournament will be conducted on a date and time as per the availability of the talent scouts.

4.2 Requests for postponement of a match on the plea of non-receipt of fixtures will not be entertained.

4.3 The Football Sub-Committee has the authority to cancel, postpone, replay or reschedule a match giving short notice to the concerned schools if the circumstances require. Otherwise, every effort will be made to give a notice of 48 hours. All fixtures must be honoured.

5.0 Blocked Dates :

5.1 No request for change of dates will be entertained. With schools having different schedules for examination, it is extremely difficult to prepare fixtures that will suit all schools. Therefore, request for blocked dates, pre-examination will not be granted.

6.0 Match Reporting :

6.1 Teams must report to the venue at least 45 minutes before the scheduled time of their match.

6.2 Writing of line-up, instructions to players, prayer etc. must be completed at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time of the match and the teams should enter the field of play as soon as the Referee blows the whistle.

6.3 If a team fails to enter the field of play even after the Referee has blown the whistle, he is authorized to caution (yellow card) the Captain of the defaulting team, for unsporting behavior.

7.0 Walk-over / Withdrawal :

7.1 Walk-over will not be claimed by any team as a matter of right. It will be at the sole discretion of the organizing committee and the officiating referee’s ruling.

7.2 If a team fails to take the field of play within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, the opponents will be awarded a walk-over.

After giving the team’s entry, if for any reason you are not able to take part in the tournament you are requested to inform the office/ Hon. Football Secretary well in advance so that your opponents are informed in time.

7.3 If a team walks out of the field of play or refuses to continue the match after conceding more than three goals the opponent will get the benefit of all the goals scored by them and all the goals scored by the defaulting teams will be considered null and void. (This rule is not relevant in the knock-out format)

7.4 If a team withdraws from the tournament after playing few matches, the goals scored by and against the team will be declared null and void. (This rule is not relevant in the knock-out format)

8.0 Substitution:

8.1 A maximum of eight (8) Substitutes will be listed in the line-up before the start of the match. All eight (8) will be allowed to play. A player once substituted can take further part in the match (rolling substitution). Substitution must be done during the stoppage in the game, and with the permission of the Referee.

9.0 Player’s Equipment:

9.1 Teams shall turn out in uniform colour i.e. (Shirt/Jersey with sleeves, shorts, stockings and footwear). The goalkeeper must have a contrasting colour. Each Jersey must have a number which should be clearly visible on the back.

9.2 Each player should wear the Jersey with the same number throughout the tournament. No two players in a team shall wear identical numbers.

9.3 Use of shin guards for boys is compulsory.

9.4 A Referee is authorized to debar any player who is not in proper team colour or without a number on his jersey or for not wearing Shin guards.

9.5 A player will play wearing footwear (i.e. boots or warm-up /track or canvas shoes), and not bare foot.

9.6 A player who removes his Jersey after scoring a goal shall be cautioned by the Referee by showing a Yellow card.

9.7 A player will not be able to play wearing spectacles or sun glasses, made of hard /rigid material however, he will be allowed to play wearing the same made of soft plastic modern material. All type of jewellery is banned. The officiating referee will be the final judge of all accessories that can be allowed in the playfield during play.

10.0 FootBalls:

10.1 The size of the balls to be used in the tournaments will be size 5

10.2 A team must carry their own footballs to the tournament venue for their own use or practice.

10.3 The Association will not provide any team with a ball for practice.

11.0 Match Officials:

11.1 Referees and Assistant referees will be appointed for each match as per the requirement and their availability.

11.2 Should the appointed Referee/Assistant Referee fail to turn up, the Official- in-charge at the venue may appoint any knowledgeable person to supervise the match. Teams cannot refuse to play.

12.0 Duration of play:

12.1 20 minutes each half with 5 minutes interval.

12.2 The Official-in-charge of the venue in consultation with the Referee will reduce the duration of a match if circumstances warrant it. Both the rival captains shall, however, be informed before the start of the match. Referee cannot reduce the time of the match on his own.

13.0 Award of Points:

13.1 Knock out stage - kicks from the penalty marks (tie breaker) will be applied to determine the winner of the match

14.0 Fouls and Misconduct:

14.1 If a player receives two YELLOW cards in two different matches, he will remain suspended for the next match.

Teacher/Coach in-charge must enforce the rule by keeping the said player out of the match.

14.2 If a player receives a RED card, he will remain suspended for the next match in that tournament only. The officials may take more stringent action against the same player depending on the seriousness of the offence committed by him.

14.3 Memorandum of disciplinary measures authorized by FIFA and the organizing committee will be applicable in matters of foul play, violent conduct indiscipline and misconduct.

14.4 A team refusing to continue play will face disqualification.

14.5 Any physical damage caused to a player, referee or official or at venue will be made good by the school whose players, coaches or supporters caused the damage.

14.6 It will be the sole responsibility of the school authorities / Teacher/Coach-in- charge to keep their players and supporters under control. Any complaint or suggestion may be sent to the organizing committee by the Head of the School in writing.

15.0 General:

15.1 Teams are advised to carry their own drinking water in plastic bottles, food and first-aid to the venue.

15.2 The Executive Committee reserves the right to add, delete, amend or alter any of the rules and regulations of the Football tournament where circumstances demand and the decisions of the Committee on all matters will be final and binding.

15.3The players and School officials are advised to take care of their belongings as the organizing committee will not be held responsible for any loss.

15.4 The organizing committee will provide First-Aid facilities at the venues. In case of any untoward incident or serious injury during play, the organizing committee will not be held responsible for the same.





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