Shivam Maan
Shivam  Maan
Position: Centre Back
DOB: 08 Oct 2000
Height: 182 cms
Weight: 71.8 kgs
Goals Scored: 1

Shivam was selected by football coach to join his school team in New Delhi and his journey of playing football started from his first practice. His craze for the sport grew drastically once he started watching football matches and Cristiano Ronaldo play. Despite being told to focus on his studies and not on football, his interest for the game only kept growing and that’s when his mother also understood that Shivam was indeed going to be a professional footballer.

From sleeping and waking up as he pleases back home, Shivam knows that he will have to be disciplined and punctual during his training period in Germany. He knows that his peers will now be his brothers and the coaches his parents.

Shivam wants to be a professional footballer and play for Real Madrid. It is the team where both his idols play – Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.

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