Raul Lewis
Raul  Lewis
Position: Striker
DOB: 13 Apr 2001
Height: 178.4 cms
Weight: 65.5 kgs
Goals Scored: 1

Named after legendary Spanish and Real Madrid striker Raul Gonzalez, Raul Lewis took to the sport at a very early age thanks to his father being extremely passionate about the game. In spite of hailing from a school where not much emphasis was laid on sports and the school didn’t even have a football team, Raul worked hard to break into local club Kenkre F.C. and quickly established himself in the first team. After scoring 29 goals in 3 seasons, he was also selected for the Maharashtra state team.

Just like his name-sake, Raul also plays a front-line striker and his superior finishing skills caught the eye of U Dream Football scouts, shortlisting him for the six year training programme. Raul has set his sights on a spot in the India U17 World Cup team and also dreams of one day playing professionally in the English Premier League.

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