Pranav Kanse
Pranav  Kanse
Position: Striker
DOB: 25 Aug 2000
Height: 160 cms
Weight: 56.5 kgs
Goals Scored: 6

Hailing from the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, Pranav Kanse started playing football when he was in the 4th standard. He changed schools in the 5th and joined Maharashtra High School and Junior College, reputed for its football coaching in Kolhapur. From then on, with the right kind of training and a lot of hard work and dedication, Pranav only kept getting better at his game. Playing for a local club got his talent noticed by everyone around.

Pranav was nicknamed ‘Nano’ since he was the youngest and shortest in his team as well as at most tournaments. And it was a nickname that stuck. In fact he claims that when his actual name is called, it takes him a minute to realise that they are calling out to him. All those in the school football teams were exempted from attending classes and not surprisingly this is one of Pranav’s fondest memories of school.

He says to become someone in life, you have to sacrifice, have discipline and work hard and he is ready for it. Pranav idolizes Messi and Neymar and his dream is to play for his favourite club F.C. Barcelona.

Photo gallery

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