Ishant Rana
Ishant  Rana
Position: Striker
DOB: 18 Nov 2000
Height: 171 cms
Weight: 63.4 kgs
Goals Scored: 10

This 14 year old striker from Mumbai started playing football when he was just in the 2nd standard. His older used to play football but gave it up to become a coach due to the lack of opportunities available at his time. Accompanying his brother to his coaching, Ishant played with a school team and performed well. It was then brought to light that Ishant as well had a good sense of the game, probably even better than his brother.

Having started playing so early on, his selection to the U Dream Programme has validated his effort and hard work. He is excited about the move to Germany as he believes they are the best in the sport, having won multiple World Cups.

Ishant wants to play for his county in the U-17 team and is hopeful that the training he will receive under the coaches during the next 6 years will help him achieve his dream.

Photo gallery

Ishant Rana 2859Ishant Rana 2859
Ishant Rana 2860Ishant Rana 2860
Ishant Rana 2875Ishant Rana 2875
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Ishant Rana 2877Ishant Rana 2877
Ishant Rana 2878Ishant Rana 2878
Ishant Rana 2879Ishant Rana 2879
Ishant Rana 2880Ishant Rana 2880
Ishant Rana 2881Ishant Rana 2881
Ishant Rana 2882Ishant Rana 2882
Ishant Rana 2883Ishant Rana 2883
Ishant Rana 2884Ishant Rana 2884
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Ishant Rana 2886Ishant Rana 2886
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