Delton Colaco
Delton  Colaco
Position: Offensive Midfield
DOB: 30 May 2000
Height: 154.9 cms
Weight: 49 kgs
Goals Scored: 8

Delton began playing the game to fill the numbers for his older brother’s football game and slowly started to take a keener interest in the game, when his brother’s friends pointed out to him that he had real talent. He tried out for the school team and managed to impress his school coach in a handful of sessions. He quickly became a key player for the team, occupying the position of deep striker. Football wasn’t the only sport he excelled at, winning multiple medals for his school at athletics meets, but eventually decided to pursue football as he enjoyed the sport more.

In 2015, Delton was selected for the prestigious local club Salgaocar F.C., but his stint with the club didn’t last long as he was also selected for the U Dream Programme, owing to his school Bethany High’s participation in the U Dream Football tournament held in Goa. His father, who passed away in 2013, wanted Delton to represent India and he’s working hard to achieve his father’s dream by aiming for a spot in India’s U17 team for the FIFA U17 World Cup, following which he wants to emulate his idol Neymar by one day playing for F.C. Barcelona.

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