Armaan Kalra
Armaan  Kalra
Position: Central Midfield
DOB: 22 Sep 2001
Height: 176 cms
Weight: 66.8 kgs
Goals Scored: 6

Ever since he started playing the game at the age of 6, Armaan has dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. Born in Gurgaon, he started off playing for The Shri Ram School, quickly becoming a key figure in the team. And as he kept getting better with each passing year, his coach pushed him to consider international training programmes to realise his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

After a short stint with a club in England, Armaan gave a trial for the U Dream Football Programme and was selected for the six year training programme based at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Germany. Capable of playing both in central midfield and at right-back, Armaan prefers the central midfield role, like his idol Jack Wilshere. Armaan has featured in all of U Dream Football’s friendly games, helping them to 4 wins and a draw, even scoring against FC Speyer 09 in the 2-2 draw.

While his dream is to play professionally for Arsenal, Armaan’s first goal is to be selected for India’s U17 team to participate in the FIFA U17 World Cup to be hosted by India in 2017.

Photo gallery

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Armaan Kalra 2883Armaan Kalra 2883
Armaan Kalra 2884Armaan Kalra 2884
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