Akash Mishra
Akash  Mishra
Position: Left Full Back/ Midfield
DOB: 27 Nov 2001
Height: 176.5 cms
Weight: 60.1 kgs
Goals Scored: 1

Akash started off playing cricket, but gave it up for football at age 11, since he felt cricket didn’t offer much of a future, with everyone in his town attempting to become a cricketer. In spite of taking up the sport at a late age, it didn’t take long for his talent to be spotted and Akash was soon representing his school team.

While his mother initially opposed the idea of him pursuing football, his father and grandfather supported him completely, even changing his school to one that was more inclined towards sports, especially football. With the family involved in farming for multiple generations, Akash’s father was extremely keen that he find his own calling and thus pushed for him to complete his education and simultaneously pursue football. Thus, each year, his father would gift him either a pair of football boots or some form of protective gear on his birthday.

While he primarily plays left-back, he can also play left-winger, and thus also possesses an attacking threat. Keen on being selected for the India U17 team, Akash is completely focused on winning a place in the side and make his parents proud.

Photo gallery

Akash Mishra 2846Akash Mishra 2846
Akash Mishra 2845Akash Mishra 2845
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Akash Mishra 2912Akash Mishra 2912
Akash Mishra 2911Akash Mishra 2911
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Akash Mishra 2876Akash Mishra 2876
Akash Mishra 2877Akash Mishra 2877
Akash Mishra 2878Akash Mishra 2878
Akash Mishra 2879Akash Mishra 2879
Akash Mishra 2880Akash Mishra 2880
Akash Mishra 2881Akash Mishra 2881
Akash Mishra 2882Akash Mishra 2882
Akash Mishra 2883Akash Mishra 2883
Akash Mishra 2884Akash Mishra 2884
Akash Mishra 2885Akash Mishra 2885
Akash Mishra 2886Akash Mishra 2886
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